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Snack Machines:

Here at Slade Vending variety is key. From small machines required in tight areas to larger machines for high volume accounts we do it right. Give us a call today and let us customize a setup tailored to your needs



  • Chips

  • Candy/Chocolate Bars

  • Bagged snacks

  • Gum and mints

  • Pastries

Combo Machines:


Combination Machines can vend chips, candy bars, bagged snacks, gum and mints, pastries, cold canned drinks.

Cold Drinks:


Cold Drink Machines can vend a variety of cold canned and bottled beverages such as juice, water, pop, energy drinks.

Hot Drinks:


Hot Drink Machines can vend fresh-brewed coffees, hot chocolate, cappuccino, espresso, cafe latte, cafe mocha, gourmet coffees, hot tea, and hot water

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